Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reflections of Motherhood

I found this and started to really reflect my time as a mother. I know it is far from over. Actually, it never ends. That is my new never ends. For some , when a child turns 18, the journey is over but for others the journey is really begining.

Having the chance to move from motherhood to friend, for me, is a really hard transition. It forces me to relfect on the choices I have made for my children and respect the choices they have made for themselves along the way- good or bad.

I am learning to hear the voices of the young women and young men deeply embedded in my four children.  I am have to see them for who they can be while I am teaching and training even today. Although, I have an adult child, I must admit, it is even harder knowing that I can't make choices for her but I have to listen and hope she makes the choices that are best for herself.

My reflection is bitter sweet. I am both happy and sad. I would tell myself:

"Relax, this is a marathon not a race. You are doing your best. You can take a nap, not clean your house, and not have to worry about what others think of you."

In another ten or twenty years, hopefully, I can say, " you did it, they are as awesome as you thought thet would be"

But for now, I will relax and enjoy the ride.

What would tell yourself?

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